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Coaching and Consulting


If you feel that
  • You are not moving forward though
  • You have a big potential to do so
Then coaching is the right instrument to get you where you want to be

Coaching helps to
  • set right objectives for further development
  • develop a realistic action plan
  • make the first step to the defined objectives
reach those objectives in the right time

Consulting... a series of sessions where the coach works with usually a group of people to address a business issue and to find a potential solution


  • Prepare a Manager for a Leadership position
  • Foster identifies strengths and improve weaknesses
  • Improve Influencing Skills
  • Make somebody a better team-player


  • Prepare for a critical negotiation
  • Prepare for a critical presentation
  • Analyze existing and/or develop new long-term strategies

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know-how and skills from around the world
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